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Stem Cells Save Lives Inc.'s mission is to raise funds for stem cell research.  Stem cells are utilized in treatments for cancer, cerebral palsy, muscular sclerosis, muscle and tissue depletion, autism, blindness, and much more.  As the Director of Stem Cells Save Lives, Inc. and as a cancer survivor treated by an allogeneic stem cell transplant (donor stem cells), I know these treatments save lives!  I have made it a mission to support the research of Stem Cells and the facilities where the research is performed so that this medical technology may continue offering the miracle of life to others facing devastating illness.

The foundation of Stem Cells Save Lives began after my own stem cell transplant treatment for Leukemia in December 2010.   Recovery provided ample opportunity to appreciate life, family, technology, donors, and the doctors & staff at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.  With gratitude for my good fortune, I began to think of ways to raise funds for future transplant patients.

Beginning simply with a crowd-sourcing campaign on Facebook, almost $2.5K was raised and donated to the hospital with the request to earmark these funds for stem cell research and the Stem Cell Transplant team.

Collaboration with organizations like The Mutual Engine and Hose Company of Mount Kisco has helped to fuel fundraising efforts.  The 1st Annual Motorcycle Outing (held in 2011) launched one of our most profitable and fun venues for raising money and awareness for stem cell transplant.  With interest and commitment growing, Stem Cells Save Lives was incorporated in February 2016, and to date over 15K dollars have been raised and donated.  

Please visit other parts of our site to learn more about stem cells and their application in medicine and please donate to help Stem Cells Save Lives!

Stem Cells Save Lives, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. 
Vito Salvatore, Director

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